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 Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding: What is it?

A destination wedding is much more than a wedding - it's a wedding with a little holiday for the bride and groom and their guests.

Wonderful, isn't it?

You can choose an exotic or a historical place or a city of art where your family and friends can join you for a few days away from home.

So the wedding celebration begins with the arrival of the guests.

The wedding day will be planned to perfection in a setting of your choice.

The day after the wedding will be a continuation of the holiday.

For foreign bridal couples, Italy is a magical place to get married and experience the Italian lifestyle.

Discovering a new place will certainly be unforgettable for the wedding guests.

The organisation of your wedding will be planned ad hoc, according to your dates and budget, which will include, transfers, hotels, excursions to tourist locations, gastronomic and wine experiences …

Verona, Lake Garda and the surrounding area represent the ideal Destination Wedding to say your "I do".

This beautiful area is a perfect crossroad for all those who wish to bring friends and family together, where you can host your guests, organise wonderful weddings in beautiful villas and enchanting locations, relax and have fun.

Coltri Sabrina

Cavaion Veronese



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